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People usually seek psychotherapeutic treatment because they are experiencing depression, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, personality problems, difficulties in relationships, problems at work, and the similar.

They may have gone through traumatic childhood, could have experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment. They may feel lost, hopeless, and left alone with their daily issues, or overwhelmed by their problems and besieged.

They may be going through a lot of stress, panic, fear, anxiety, grief, losses or various changes in their life.

What is analytic therapy?

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a method of treatment through talking. It’s aim is to understand the unconscious meaning of the person’s behavior, his or her unconsciously repeated actions and patterns that are dysfunctional or result in unfavorable consequences.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy often helps people to overcome obstacles that hinder them from leading a more fulfilling life, experiencing more internal freedom, being more creative and liberated from internal restrictions. This, in turn, helps enhance self esteem and enjoyment of life.

Analytic therapy helps a person to regain their freedom from symptoms, to start leading a more creative and meaningful life, and to open up new areas of development for a person, which had been blocked due to past traumatic moments that remained in the person’s life as obstacles to further development.

Analytic therapy is helpful in the following:

– various types of anxiety:

– generalized anxiety, of no specified origin

– panic attacks,

– phobias,

– fears,

– repeatedly occurring nightmares

– depression, low mood, mood swings,

-melancholic mood experienced for a prolonged time, or even for most of one’s life

– problems in relationships:

– inability to make friends,

– loneliness,

– difficulties in establishing contact with a potential partner,

– low self-esteem,

– difficulties in keeping up a relationship that already lasts,

– sexual problems,

– psychosomatic illnesses:

– allergies,

– asthma,

– stomach and digestive tract problems,

– dermatological problems,

…… and many other somatic problems of no physical reason (i. e. when pharmaceutical treatment proved ineffective, doctors excluded physical causes of a particular issue)

– eating disorders:

– anorexia

– bulimia

– obesity of psychic background (e.g. inability to stop overeating)

– orthorexia

personality disorders:

– borderline personality disorder

obsessive– compulsive disorder

– identity problems



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